Natnael (Nati) Bazezew Belay

Natnael (Nati) Bazezew Belay is a co-founder and Program Director of ACDO. He was born in the Korah area of Addis Ababa. Nati was sponsored by an American Compassion International family until he was 18 which allowed him to attend school. He has studied Electrical Installation and is currently in a social and community development Degree program.

Aregahegn Assefa Alemu

Aregahegn Assefa Alemu is the founder and Executive Director of the non profit All Children Deserve Opportunity (ACDO). Aregahegn moved to Addis Ababa at a very young age. He is married and has 3 children. Currently, Aregahegn is taking classes at Evangelical Theological College to pursue a degree in Community development.

Ashenafi (Ashu) Bekele

Ashenafi (Ashu) Bekele is a co-founder and Social Worker with ACDO. Ashu moved to Addis Ababa at a very young age, He and Nati’s are brothers. He is married and has 2 children. Ashu is currently studying at Addis Ababa Bible College.

Kurt and Suzanne Box

Kurt and Suzanne Box met at Texas A&M University (whoop!) and have been married since 2001. In early 2014 they traveled to Ethiopia to bring home their 10 year old son and it was there that their paths crossed with the Easter family. During both trips they found themselves in Korah witnessing children (and families) at the dump site scavenging for food. ACDO was a ray of hope in a dark place. A desire was born to partner with ACDO and help families experience the love of Christ in a tangible way.

Tony and Sage Easter

Tony and Sage Easter have been married since 1991. Their eyes were opened to the plight of the families of Korah on their trips to Ethiopia to adopt 2 of their children in 2014. Proverbs 24:12 tells us we cannot excuse ourselves from the responsibility now that we know of the needs of this precious community. After becoming friends with the Box family through their adoptions and trips to Ethiopia, they decided jointly to respond to Jesus' call to do something.

Luke and Callie Walker

Luke and Callie Walker are high school sweethearts who were married in 2004. They currently have 3 crazy, fun boys that God has blessed them with. They have had a heart for Africa and missions for as long as they can remember and in 2015 they brought home their youngest son from Ethiopia through adoption. During that trip they had a chance to visit Korah and spend time seeing the ministry of Caring for Korah and ACDO. Through that, they made connections with Sage and Suzanne and have since become involved in helping with the sponsorship aspect of the ministry. They long to have their lives be a testimony of Christ's love and grace and are passionate about following God's call to care "for the least of these."

Shawn and Lynette Beard

Shawn and Lynette Beard were married in 1998. They have two daughters, one of whom was adopted from Russia. Following a long-time friendship with the Box family, God, in all His wisdom, saw fit to put the desire in both of our family’s hearts around the same time to adopt our youngest daughters. While we have a heart for adoption we also have a strong desire to see families stay together. In 2015, Lynette had the opportunity to travel with Suzanne to Ethiopia and was able to see the heart of the ministry first hand. Lynette is grateful to be a stay-at-home mom which gives her the opportunity to serve Caring for Korah through donor administration, day-to-day bookkeeping, as well as year-end reporting.